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Using APA

APA: In-Text Citation

This section provides examples of how to use in-text citations within the body of your essay.

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APA References: Source Types

Before you find the appropriate reference template and example, it’s important to accurately identify what type of source you have.

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APA References: Textual Works

Textual works include written and text-based sources, both in print and online.

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APA References: Audiovisual Media

Audiovisual works have both audio and visual media components, only audio components, or visual components.

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APA References: Online Media

Intended to provide instruction on how to create references for online sources such as social media.

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APA References: Data Sets, Software, & Tests

This group includes data sets; computer software; and mobile apps, apparatuses, and equipment.

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APA: Tables, Figures, & Math

These samples, rules and templates include general guidelines for writing.

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APA Paper Formatting

Guidelines for Papers, Title Pages and Reference Pages.

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APA7: Video Tutorials

These video tutorials will help you get started with APA7 and writing processes

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Avoiding Plagiarism

Avoiding Common Plagiarism Mistakes

This page provides an overview of the most common reasons why student submissions are flagged for plagiarism, with suggestions for how to avoid plagiarism in the future

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Submitting Assignments

Learn how to submit any type of assignment through Canvas.

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Interpreting Originality Reports

This guide will provide a brief introduction to interpreting Originality Reports in Turnitin via Canvas.

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