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Mission Statement

The European Business University (EBU) is a non-for-profit online and on campus business school with scholarship students in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Hosting multiple specialized online courses, EBU is dedicated to fulfilling the University’s primary educational mission of sustaining a tradition of academic excellence and ensuring a world-class education, also provided to students who cannot afford the cost of education.  To reach its mission, EBU has a fully supported team of internationally recognized faculty who are subject matter experts. EBU is especially committed to the idea that evolving innovation is the enabler that will benefit those who cannot afford a higher education. It is this spirit that can be found in every aspect of our online program and its activities, from our committed enthusiastic and highly motivated faculty and support staff to our global network of students and University partners.

The Research branch of EBU is The European University of Luxembourg, Sàrl, a Ministry of Economy accredited research institute. The European University of Luxembourg (EUNI) conducts interdisciplinary, evidence-based research in business. The EUNI Institute hopes to make a significant contribution to high value outcomes that can be used by managers, policy-makers and regulators in various sectors and numerous countries. Through the EUNI Journal of International DBA Studies (JIDS), indexed with the National Library of Luxembourg, the EUNI institute will publish high quality research and be the source for independent analysis and insight into issues impacting Luxembourg and global business

EBU will strive to become of the benchmark of world-class quality education by drawing on the talents of staff and faculty of women and men from transcultural backgrounds. EBU is dedicated to meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform our world through; GOAL 4: Quality Education.

To support its mission, EBU:

  • Will act as an intellectual resource and platform for the global community;
  • Will at all times maintain ethical standards;
  • Will make education accessible, equitable and affordable to the global community;
  • Will meet the needs of the global community through a variety of programs;
  • Will provide transcultural environment.


Luxembourg as an Advantage for the European Business University

Luxembourg is not only a financial hub but a multicultural city and seat of many European institutions. Between tradition and modernity. Students are engaged in a learning experience that not only includes different landscapes of the nature parks, medieval castles and numerous hiking or mountain biking trails throughout the region but especially direct access to European institutions established in Luxembourg such as Secretariat-General of the European Parliament, European Commission with administrative entities from 8 Directorates-General, Court of Justice of the European Union and Court of First Instance, European Court of Auditors, European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund, European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), European Stability Mechanism (ESM) Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union; Publications Office of the European Union, the official publisher of the European Union, Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC), Euratom Supply Agency.

In the Private sector, Luxembourg is positioned as the most significant European centre for investment funds, the largest private banking centre in the Eurozone and the domicile of choice for reinsurance companies. It is The home of supranational institutions who have chosen Luxembourg as their European operational centre or have created their centre of excellence in fields such as investment funds, asset management, Private Equity, insurance and reinsurance.

The background of the European Business University

The European Business University of Luxembourg evolved from Technology Enabled Learning – Africa, Asia and the Americas (TEL-A) founded to provide a more balanced and equitable educational system. Both entities are formed and  based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

European Business University of Luxembourg (EBU) is a Government of Luxembourg registered Asbl. (non-for-profit association) registration No. F12020. Hosting multiple partnerships and specialized online courses, EBU invites you to allow us to help meet your goals for personal and professional advancement. Our leadership team is dedicated to fulfilling the University’s educational mission of sustaining a tradition of academic excellence by ensuring a world-class education is provided by a fully supported team of internationally recognized faculty who are subject matter experts.

EBU is committed to the idea of evolving innovation. It is this spirit that can be found in every aspect of our online program and its activities: from our committed enthusiastic and highly motivated faculty and support staff to our global network of students and University partners. In this respect all EBU Issued academic certificates  can be verified through the Ethereum blockchain.  Details on how these certificates can be authenticated are available from out Administration team.

EBU adheres to the Triple Bottom Line in this order; People, Planet, Profit. We also aspire to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

 Learn and grow with EBU Online from anywhere in the world, wherever you are in your career.


Dr. James Mulli, PhD
President and Academic Dean


Chateau Wiltz Campus
The European Business University
Wiltz, Luxembourg

Kubra Erden
Executive Assistant


Dr James Mulli, PhD

Founder, President and Academic Dean

Dr. Mulli is the President and Academic Dean of the European Business University. His experience in portfolio management and subsequent move to higher education is driven by a strong belief that the real test of knowledge is, in addition to it being truthful, to empower each student.  


Dr. Mulli lectures in Blockchain Technologies, post-graduate Corporate Finance & Business Statistics, and Managerial Accounting. He has held lectureships at in Luxembourg, China, the USA, Kenya and Germany.

Dr. Mulli is a former director of two successful New York based multinational conglomerates and has valuable experience in the field as an NASD Series 7 compliance officer for the broker dealer Heyka Capital Management. He worked as a Portfolio Manager for the Soros Fund Management’s Quantum Industrial Partners and holds a Doctorate and Masters degree from Saint Johns University, New York, and an MBA from New Hampshire Plymouth State University with specialization in Investment and Finance.

Dr. Mulli is an international educator, and educational technology consultant with a keen interest in looking over the horizon at how technology is shaping the world. His search for trends in emerging technologies allows him to be an educator who applies skills to help students thrive.

He is the founder of Technology Enabled Learning – Africa, Asia and the Americas which was renamed  European Business University of Luxembourg, both non-for-profit educational providers whose initiative is to support existing Institutions in developing e-learning . His belief is that education is the silver bullet for development and through existing expertise and support infrastructure, EBU can provide the needed “jump-start” to institutions and students in Europe, Africa, Asia and beyond.

Dr. Mulli is a Rockefeller Foundation Grant Recipient a textbook author and has published in numerous newspaper and magazine articles.


  • Doctorate Degree., Saint John's University, NY, USA
  • Masters Degree., Government and Politics, Saint John's University, NY, USA
  • M.B.A., Investment and Finance, Plymouth State University, NH, USA

Ms. Nina Rung Hoch

Founder, Board of Trustees Member

Nina Rung Hoch is a well-known expert in the field of online education and educational technology. She co-founded Technology Enabled Learning Africa, Asia and the Americas (Tel-A) which was renamed EBU.


Nina graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA with an emphasis on strategy. Nina studied under world-renowned strategy expert Michael Porter, and thereafter was hired to work with his firm. Prior to matriculating to HBS Nina graduated with honors from The Royal Danish Military Academy, Denmark.

Her work experience includes senior positions with international corporations and roles in academic leadership. Nina Rung Hoch has held positions in international business development with Citigroup, Zurich Financial Services, and City University of Seattle. While in a leadership role at City University, USA, she designed and launched of of the first truly global accredited 100% online MBA programmes in 2005. The program continues to this day and serves students from more than 25 countries.

Nina has travelled extensively, and has been a board advisor to many Ed-tech start-ups in the US and EU over the past decade. She is considered an industry Ed-tech expert and was a frequent speaker at academic and business conferences.


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