Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees


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Applicable from 05.05.2022 

Tuition fee rates are for the full programme for all domestic, international and cross-institutional students who study with EBU, commencing from September 2024-2025. All EBU Degree Programs are awarded through our partner universities.

For EU and non-EU citizens

The Below Tuition Fees do not apply for eligible Scholarship Impact Degree Program students. Please see more about the scholarship offer for the Impact Degree Program Here

Please see more on the Student Refund Policy Here

Payment Plans are available * additional fees and strict policies are associated with all EBU Tuition Payment Plans. EBU Tuition Payment Plans are available on a by-the-term or by-the-month basis, on application. EBU Tuition Payment Plans are limited by the number granted per academic year and approved at the discretion of the EBU Student Finance Office. Tuition Fees do not apply for eligible Scholarship Impact Program students. Students granted scholarships in the Scholarship Impact Program will pay administration, processing and examination related fees which are non-refundable, non-deferrable, and non-transferable.


All students are required to comply with the Tuition Fee Payment Rules upon completing registration and submitting all necessary documents. These rules include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • All fees must be paid before the start of each academic semester, as per the schedule, unless an alternative payment plan is agreed upon in writing by either the Admissions or Accounting Department. Failure to meet this deadline will result in exclusion from the program, denial of access to academic materials, and expulsion from EBU.
  • Payment plans may be granted upon a student’s request and after consideration by the Finance Department. Students must adhere to the schedules and deadlines specified in the agreement. Failure to comply with an agreed payment plan will lead to exclusion from class and other consequences, until all outstanding fees are cleared.
  • Students should be aware that exclusion from webinars may jeopardize their eligibility for assessment and the validation of their classes.
  • After a third reminder, students who have not complied will be barred from entering webinars or participating in the final exam, and legal actions may be initiated through the appropriate authorities.
  • Any student wishing to withdraw from a course must notify the Administration in writing. A student may withdraw from a course without academic or financial penalty within the first two weeks of the semester, and subsequent enrollment in the course will not be charged. Non-attendance at webinars, or simply ceasing to attend, will result in failing the class due to absences.
  • Late tuition fee payments will incur a penalty of 250 euros if not paid within the deadline set by the Admissions Department.
  • Upon completion of the program, any request for a defense deferral will be subject to a continuing registration fee of 250 euros.


Refund policies are governed by the Student Refund Policy HERE


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) €11,498
Executive Bachelor of Business Administration (EBBA) €11,498
Dual EBBA/MBA €21,500
Master of Business Administration (MBA) €12,547
Master of Science – Finance €12,547
Master of Science – Data Science and Artificial Intelligence €12,547
Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Specialisation Finance – Specialisation Data Science and Artificial Intelligence €18,500 +€12,547 €18,500+€12,547
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) €37,800
Dual MBA/DBA €47,500
Master of Education €15,500