Alumni Stories

Professional Development and Career Opportunities

" I had the opportunity to work as a trainee and intern in one of the leading assurance companies, where the EBU student service team and administration are so prompt and supportive in developing the connection, providing prompt support, and getting the contracts done well in advance, their idea is always that their student should not face any difficulties in establishing their professional career.

While my internship was coming to an end, I received an opportunity and job offer to work for another leading company in the Finance sector based in Luxembourg. In retrospect, enrolling in this program was an investment in my personal development and, to date, one of my best and most life-changing decisions.

As someone with professional experience in finance and accounting, I was looking for a course that would not only provide me with a deeper understanding of current ongoing FINTECH knowledge in financial management and business economics, but would also assist me in enhancing and developing the necessary skill set to thrive in the "real world."

Real-World Perspective and Practical Learning

The online program at EBU Luxembourg provided me with the opportunity to do both. One of the most appealing aspects of the EBU  online program for me was that it was designed from a real-world perspective, which met my actual professional ambitions and expectations. Since it is equipped with advanced FINTECH modules such as Blockchain, Mergers & Acquisitions, ongoing Corporate Strategies in the Finance & Funds management sector, and Portfolio management, which is further combined with all kinds of real-world situations, incidents, and multiple case studies, all I could do with my professional and personal life balanced. I worked on a lot of business case studies and presentations that were based on real-world positions. Furthermore, EBU has a lot more to offer.

International Community and Global Exposure

Because EBU has a large international community, I had the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all over the world during group project discussions and forum discussions.

It is demanding and intense, but you will learn a lot and make wonderful memories during your academic year. Thank you very much, EBU!"

Sushma Pandey,
EBU, Luxembourg

EBU alumni