EBU Diplomas

EBU Diplomas


Thanks to innovative online technology, you can attend EBU’s online MBA degree courses from wherever you call home. Alternatively, you can also spend time with your classmates in the Weekend MBA program. Whichever your choice, experience an interactive, robust classroom environment complete with engaging lectures or streaming live video lectures and faculty-monitored discussion boards. Your access to the online classroom or our on-campus facilities means you can study wherever it’s convenient for you. We believe that by challenging your ideas and working through real-world simulations, our online MBA will give you the practical skills to tackle any business issue you encounter. The comprehensive programme, which includes courses on leadership, strategy, global business and digital trends, is specifically designed to enable you to fulfil your professional potential. The Master of Business Administration offers specialisations in Financial Markets and Securities, Financial Technology and Blockchain, and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.


The digital diploma is issued as a series of PDF documents. A complete diploma consists of :

  • The original version of the degree obtained
  • The diploma supplement (for Degree Programs)
How do I verify that the digital diploma is genuine?

How do I verify that the digital diploma is genuine?

  • The digital certificate can be accessed directly via Smart certificate, the diploma will always be valid.
  • If the digital certificate has been sent as an e-mail or paper version, it can easily be verified through the secure verification link (click here).

On the digital diploma, there is a verification link. By clicking the link, or entering it into an internet browser, you can retrieve the original diploma from Smart Certificate.

If there is no verification link on the diploma or if you are unable to retrieve the original diploma from the Smart Certificate when clicking/entering the link, the diploma can not be regarded as valid.

If you are still in doubt about the validity of the diploma, please refer to the Registrar at the European Business University of Luxembourg.


All diplomas from EBU are issued as a digital document, as of  September 2022.

Students who wish to be issued a paper diploma embossed with the official EBU stamp can make the request to the Registrar and pay the additional fees. The Paper version will be sent via courier along with a Diploma Cover. EBU Graduates can also request the Diploma cover alone as a single item.

See an example of a Diploma cover (click here).

Paper Diploma Costs

Per Paper Diploma issued by EBU with the official EBU stamp: €122.50

Diploma Cover: €25

Postage and Shipping: TBD (To be determined)