EBU Student Support – FAQs Student

EBU Student Support – FAQs Student

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I receive my welcome package?

All newly enrolled students will receive their EBU Welcome Package via email in the month of term start or after payment of their tuition fees. EBU Student Support also share the EBU Welcome Package on this site.

When do I start studying?

You can refer to the EBU Academic Calendars for start dates. Orientation Weeks are mandatory and should be attended by all enrolled students. It is a great way to start the term and will provide you with the opportunity to meet and greet your new study colleagues and faculty.

How do I login to the EBU Online Campus?

Login details are sent to all enrolled students individually the week you receive your welcome letter and EBU Welcome Pack. Should you have issues accessing the EBU Online Platform, please email helpdesk@ebulux.lu. Our technology team will be happy to assist.

Who do I contact if I lose my login information?

No problem. Email helpdesk@ebulux.lu and our EBU technology team will be happy to assist.

I have learning challenges, who can I turn to for advice?

EBU Student Support are available to assist in the event you experience difficulty. Students can experience various challenges, and our team are equipped and trained to assist you. Should you require assistance or advice, please reach out to us at student.services@ebulux.lu

I am living in Luxembourg, how do I organise my health insurance?
You need to organise your own health insurance. EBU Student Services can provide Proof of Enrolment and the official form prefilled with EBU details.

For more information, connect with the site LINK

Student Support Services

The EBU Student Support Services team are available to assist with student enquiries and help support you during your learning journey at EBU.  The team organise information and services to assist EBU students with orientation, health and well-being, study skills, career advise, diversity, disability and inclusion; plus more. 

Reach out to the team by email if you have any enquiries. You can also find a wealth of information on this website

Getting Started at EBU - Orientation

Getting settled at EBU is an exciting time! This is your chance to strike out on your own path, build a new professional network and experience new horizons. 

If you have any questions along the way, we can help. These guides and resources are aimed at making your transition to EBU life just a little bit easier by offering information on everything from Orientation and technology support to preparing for a new career. 

New to EBU?  Get started with your EBU Orientation Checklist.

Careers and Employability

At EBU we are committed to enhancing your employability by helping you to develop the capabilities that will make you effective in whatever work you choose to do.   We also reach out to business and community leaders to support internships and seek employment opportunities for our students where possible.

We enhance your employability by supporting you to engage in a range of experiences, teaching you how to identify the skills and attributes that you have developed through those experiences, and to talk about your potential in a way that employers understand.

Our approach to employability goes beyond simply getting a job. We focus on how you can use your capabilities to perform effectively in the workplace, to create work opportunities, and to make an impact through your work.

EBU is committed to building an accessible and welcoming environment for all students and visitors.

The EBU online campus access and academic resources are supportive of an inclusive environment.  The EBU on-campus facilities provide a number of services that focus on creating an inclusive environment where all students have the same opportunity to succeed.  

Should you require assistance, do not hesitate to contact student.services@ebulux.lu to discuss your requirements. 

EBU Student Services can liaise with faculty members on your behalf, if requested.

Keep check of your EBU academic calendar for important term dates.

Our technology support team are ready to assist with your questions.  Email us at helpdesk@ebulux.lu