APA Data Sets, Software & Tests

This group includes data sets; computer software; and mobile apps, apparatuses, and equipment. Please note that you don’t need to cite software, programming languages, or apps if you simply mention them in text. However, if you have quoted from or paraphrased software, an app, or an instruction manual for a test, scale, or inventory, then you must provide appropriate in-text citations and references as needed.

Reference Structure

The reference structure for data sets, software, and tests is as follows:

Author Date Title Source
Publisher URL
Author, A. A., & Author, B. B.


Name of Group.
(2020). Title of work (Version 1.2) [Computer software].


Title of work (Version 4.6) [Mobile app].


Name of apparatus (Model number) [Equipment].


App Store.


Google Play Store
Test, scale, or inventory itself

Project Implicit. (n.d.). Race IAT. https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html