Submitting Assignments

Submitting Assignments

In addition to discussion boards, EBU assignments may include critical thinking assignments, labs, and Portfolio Project milestones and final projects. Please note that assignments must be submitted through Moodle.

Before beginning an assignment, thoroughly review the instructions and the rubric. EBU courses typically offer two options for each assignment and a rubric that identifies the criteria used for grading.

We also offer several resources to support your writing and assignment efforts:

  • Turnitin – Turnitin originality reports highlight sections of your writing that are a near or exact match to other texts, like peer papers, internet materials, other scholarly publications, and even your own previously submitted work. This tool is intended to help you improve your writing and avoid plagiarism.


Keep In Mind

As a reminder, use this assignment checklist:

  • Review the assignment instructions and rubric
  • Ensure that you have used appropriate APA formatting
  • Submit your assignment in Moodle
  • Check your Originality Report score and make changes as needed
  • Submit final assignment in Moodle

Instructor feedback is an important aspect of improving your writing and your score. After your assignment has been graded, you can view instructor feedback by clicking the “Grades” tab within Moodle. Once in the “Grades” tab, click on the assignment name. This will redirect you to your submitted assignment where you can view your instructor’s feedback and assignment comments by clicking “View Feedback.” You can also find feedback on each line item of the rubric where you did not receive full points.

As a reminder, please review the EBU Student Services and the Student Academic Policies in their entirety, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our administration team with any questions or concerns.