Orientation Checklist

Orientation Checklist

Preparing yourself for study

Students During a Lesson At a Lecture Room at Campus Wiltz, Luxembourg

Follow this checklist to make sure you are prepared for the semester ahead! Make sure you can find everything you need whether you are studying online or on campus.

Be prepared (Before orientation week)

Get ready to study!

Before orientation, check out the EBU Welcome Package and Welcome Email. This will give you step by step instructions on how to prepare before orientation week.

Make sure you have activated your connect.ebulux.lu account.

Log into connect.ebulux.lu dashboard to access your student communications, classes and webinar information.
Check your webinar times and save your webinar links on your desktop for future reference.
Update your EBU Online student profile, adding your current email address and a professional picture.

Check the EBU Academic calendar to keep up to date with open and closing dates.

Set up your EBU Digital ID Card by installing the app on your phone.

ALL STUDENTS – Check your emails regularly. Important information regarding orientation and your classes will be sent via email.


Student Digital ID Cards

Student ID Cards (all students)
If you are studying on-campus or online this semester don’t forget to check your emails for your EBU Digital ID Card. You will need to download the APP and install your card on your phone.

How to get your ID card
1. You will receive an email with an invitation
2. Download the APP
3. Following the instructions on your email to install the Digital ID Card to your phone.

Attend your student orientation (Online and On-campus)

During orientation week, all student orientation sessions will be conducted online to ensure all new students have access to the same experiences and inductions. Attendance is mandatory to find out more about EBU, the online platform and programs. New undergraduate and postgraduate students will have the opportunity to connect with mentors and support systems, ask questions, get advice from staff and enjoy networking activities.

Find the right support

Take note of important email addresses that will help you during your studies at EBU.

Student Support Services – student.services@ebulux.lu
Technology Helpdesk – helpdesk@ebulux.lu
EBU Student Finance Office – accounts@ebulux.lu

Prepare for Online Learning

EBU uses Zoom for online lectures, tutorials and events. This program is essential, especially if you are studying online.



– Ensure you are online, add important URL addresses to your desktop, remember your login usernames and passwords
– Set up a dedicated workspace
– Ensure you have computers and software to create documents.
– Take note of the technical support email address