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Innovating To Provide Quality Education For All No Cost

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Innovating To Provide Quality Education For All No Cost

EBU’s President and Academic Dean featured in the Global Leaders Today-Inspiring Leadership Stories.

Giving a brief insight about the University, Dr James Mulli, President and Academic Dean at EBU says, “Here at the EBU, our goal is simple. To challenge and nurture student perceptions through entrepreneurship and the values that shape it. We want students to explore the notion of business entrepreneurship through the empowering features of technology as an enabler.” He continued, “EBU has created accessible live online education that is an educational pathway to help students navigate their challenges. The academic tools for educational innovation that EBU applies provide a deeper understanding of the world, local and global economic environment and an opportunity to diversify their skill-sets to be prepared for their future. EBU believes that educational innovation is the best way to respond to these global challenges. We seek to be at the crest of the change in how education can be reimagined.”

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